A&E's The Returned: Opening Titles

The Returned is A&E's English-language adaptation of the wildly popular show Les Revenants produced by Canal+. Working for a brand agency, the opportunity to work on opening titles does not come around that often and it's always exciting to be able to jump on board when a project does present itself. This job was both very challenging and very rewarding to me. As a whole, I typically do not have great feelings towards footage-based jobs. Shooting, editing and compositing have never come that naturally to me and so going into jobs where footage is the main source of media is always a little bit intimidating. For this job, though, I had the pleasure and opportunity to work with some extremely talented editors and directors in order to bring this piece to life. Through the process I learned to be more comfortable with a footage-based workflow as well as how to treat footage as a canvas rather than a finished piece.

This piece consists of both clean and textural footage shot on location in Vancouver, BC as well as a number of plates shot in Brooklyn, NY. The challenge for this job was to blend shots and composite plates in a way that both communicated the underlying dark, cerebral tone of the show while also meshing seamlessly and flowing smoothly. I am very pleased with the result. For a (far more) thorough look behind the job, including some of the promo work I wasn't a part of, check out the case study on loyalkaspar's site!


  • Agency: Loyalkaspar
  • CD: Geoff Bailey
  • Producer: Will Arnold
  • Lead Editor: Erik Van Der Wilden
  • Animation/Color: David Conklin

My Role:

My role on this job was to handle animation, compositing and color. I worked under both Geoff and Erik to first figure out an edit that would be conducive to the types of blends and transitions that we wanted to achieve. I handled a certain amount of footage cleanup and prep, a large portion of the compositing and the final color grade.