CNN: The Sixties

This was one of the first big projects I had the chance to work on at Loyalkaspar back in 2013. We were tasked with creating the promo identity for CNN's first decade-based docuseries covering the 1960s and all of the important events that took place during those 10 years. This would eventually turn into an ongoing relationship with CNN that allowed us to participate in the creation of brands for the seventies, eighties and two thousands as well.

  • Agency: Loyalkaspar
  • CD: Anna Minkinnen
  • AD: Mark Lee
  • Producer: Will Arnold
  • Designers/Animators: Seth Minnich, David Conklin, Sarah Cohen, Tavet Gillson (& more!)

My role and credits:

My role on this project was that of an animator and compositor. I was responsible for taking a number of design frames created in 2D and re-building them for motion in both 3D and 2D applications. 

Concept Statement:

The main idea or device that guides this package is the use of the home television system. In the 1960s more and more Americans started consuming their media in their living room instead of printed media, which was a gigantic shift for both news and pop culture. We wanted to use the TV as a device that would allow us to frame events that happened during 1960s, not only adding to their weight but also reinforcing their broadcasted nature.

CNN_TV_Revolution_Scene.03_CONCERT (00068).jpg