Disney XD: Girl VS Monster

I worked on this project way back in 2012 when I when I was an intern at LK. This project was a small team: a CD, a lead animator and myself and the other intern. This was my first real experience working inside of a 3d production pipeline. I am super pleased with the result and look back fondly on this project. Being thrown into the fire and the flames really gave me a ground foundation upon which to stand has certainly done me well in the years since!


  • CD: Darryl Mascarenhas
  • Artists: Junsik Na, Sekani Solomon, David Conklin, Ben Zylberman

My Role:

I was an animator on this project. I handled a lot of the modeling and texturing of both foreground and background elements. Furthermore, I was responsible for compositing a number of 3D scenes together as well as adding in-comp effects like fog and color.