MSG: Promo Identity Toolkits


Madison Square Garden has been a repeat client at Loyalkaspar for a number of years. In 2016 they came to us looking for a new look for their promo package that would live alongside their new network-wide rebrand. We were very excited to hear that they wanted to pursue a flat, 2D direction and focus on clean design and good information systems.

The package was not only enjoyable to work on from an aesthetic standpoint, but also from a technical standpoint. All of the MSG Promo deliverables have to function for all of the teams covered by MSG, so we created a simple system for easily updating colors and typography while retaining the integrity of the design.

More recently in 2017 we came back to this package in order to create animations to go on MSG's new outdoor signage on 7th Avenue across from Penn Station. With the package being so flat and modular already, it was a perfect transplant from TV to signage.


Promo Toolkits:

I built endpage rigs that handled common layout tasks such as flipping home/away teams and toggling between pre- and post-game programming with checkboxes on a single controller layer.

I created a color script that allowed an artist to easily apply colors across an entire project that link back to a centralized color palette PSD. This allows for all of the color to be controlled dynamically, so when a color change is requested a single PSD file controls every AEP file and can be easily updated.

I created expressions which handled animation, including moving and sliding mattes different amounts based on the lengths of type layers in order to make sure the animation felt the same with short copy as it did with long copy.

I created some dynamic layout compositions, where the layout of the type/boxes would change based on the length and how many lines you entered.