SYFY: Brand Identity

One of the largest and most exciting projects we've had the chance to work on at Loyalkaspar has been the SYFY rebrand that launched last year in 2017. We had previously been working with the same on-air team for the USA refresh we did in 2016, and were thrilled to roll directly into the SYFY rebrand following it's completion. This was a ground-up rebuild, rethinking everything about what the network stood for. Months and months of research, exploration and production took place in order to reach the final product. LK has a really good case study on their site if you'd like a more thorough run-through!


  • Agency: Loyalkaspar
  • CD: Daniel Doernmann
  • ADs: Chris Harmon & Pete Jeffs
  • Artists: David Conklin, Tanner Scarr, Alex Gasowski, George Prah, Carlos Foxxworthy, James Isaaks, Greg Herman (& many more)

My Role

My Role on this project was that of animator and toolkitter. I made the majority of the rigs, scripts and tools that were used to be able to execute the huge number of deliverables in a modular, versionable way. This meant building tools that kept colors, layouts and type consistent as well as making rigs for dynamic animation. Check out the toolkitting section below for more.


Motion Language Overview


Toolkit Captures: