SYFY: Halloween Brand Bursts

One of the most exciting things I get to do at a branding agency is to continue to work with the same brands as they grow and develop. Furthermore, every once in a blue moon we get the chance to extend a brand we've built and push our own systems and rules to their max. This was the case when SYFY came back to Loyalkaspar for a series of Brand Bursts aimed at promoting their Halloween programming block. Having established strong, recognizable brand DNA in the larger 2016-17 rebrand, we were excited to push our original language in a direction that incorporated a more illustrative style with gorgeous paintings created by Brian Louie and Ji-Young Kim.


  • Agency: Loyalkaspar
  • ADs: Chris Harmon & Pete Jeffs
  • Producers: Nicole St-Germain & Hanna Smith-Ide
  • Designers/Animators: Amy Wallace, Michael Doukas, David Conklin, Ananya Ghatrazu, Bobby Hanley, Ji-young Kim, George Prah, Brian Louie (plus the help and support of many more).

My Role:

My role on this project was as part of the animation team. My teammates and myself took the beautiful illustrations and were tasked with bringing them to life. I worked mostly on the brand bursts with the UFO and the Vampire but provided animation support and oversight for the entire team on most of the brand bursts.