TruTV Brand Refresh

TruTV was one of the first projects I had the pleasure of working on at Loyalkaspar. At the time, Tru was facing a bit of an identity crisis: it's transition from court tv had left a number of people confused about what the network was and what content lived there. We presented a bold, graphic identity package that uses large color fields, crisp iconography, tasteful typography and a lighthearted motion language to elevate the brand and help it to embrace its own identity.

For a more complete overview of TruTV, check out the case study on LK's site.


  • Agency: Loyalkaspar
  • CD: Daniel Doernmann
  • AD: Nadia Husein
  • Producer: Will Arnold
  • Design/Animation team: Kaz Ishii, David Conklin, Eric Van Der Wilden, Eric Konan, Brad Walter, Karama Horne (& many more!)

My Role:

My role on truTV was predominately that of 2D animation and toolkitting. I handled a lot of the animation exploration as well as the file prep and delivery process. Because so much of the animation language leverages bounce and overshoot motion, I also handled implementation of scripts and expressions which could apply this bouncy animation style on top of regular keyframes.